Welcome to Best Vacation Home Rentals
Welcome to Best Vacation Home Rentals
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Going away on vacation for many people is their favorite activity of the year. A time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a time to turn off that work cell phone, and a time to rekindle relationships with family and friends. Historically, most people like to rent a cottage in the summer for its balmy temperatures and abundance of sunlight. However many cottage rental agents and communities offer year round service, meaning your experience can include curling up in front of a roaring fire during a snowstorm just as easily as if you were planning a trip around boating and swimming in the summer. Whenever you choose to go away it should be an exciting time filled with rest, relaxation, and re-invigoration.
Here a few tips for whichever season you will be travelling in:
Spring – Renting a cottage in the spring is a lovely way to see nature unraveling and renewing itself for a fresh new year. If you a renting a cabin which was occupied in the winter it has probably had upkeep, but if you are the first tenant of a new year, make sure to inquire about pipes being open, when the place was last cleaned, and has it been fully inspected after its winter hiatus. Also keep in mind spring is traditionally wet so bring several changes of shoes!
Summer – Traditionally the most popular time to travel, summer offers warmth, many activities to participate in, and an ease of travelling. This is a perfect time for water activities, playing on the beach, and enjoying beautiful sunsets on the deck. Possibly the only drawback is that this season tends to book up fast, so make your reservation early!
Autumn – Perhaps the hidden jewel of a season, this is a time of year for people who enjoy the sunshine, but are a little less fond of the high temperatures. Fall is easily the best season for walking trails and seeing all the brilliantly coloured leaves as it begins to grow colder. Cottages at this time tend to have more available selection, and it may be possible to get a discount as it is technically the off-season.
Winter – Nothing stirs up images of romance quite like sharing a glass of wine in front of a crackling fire, or watching a snowstorm from your living room window while sipping hot cocoa. But this is not just a season for lovers. Sports enthusiasts will be in their glory as a season of snow and ice descend upon us bringing skating, skiing, and sledding into the mainstream once again. For cabin rentals, be sure to inquire how the unit is heated. Most will offer gas or electric, but a location off-site will likely mean a wood stove and you will want to be sure you are fully stocked up with fire wood to keep you warm and toasty.
Whatever time of year you plan your vacation, a beautiful cottage with all the amenities of home will be sure to please and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.
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